Language Learning Gets Personal: 11 Questions for … Randy Hunt


In this edition we have no one less than the Yearlyglot: Randy Hunt!

In many ways, Randy is the perfect fit for Language Learning Gets Personal.

On his blog, he doesn’t just talk about Language learning but also about the effects of learning new languages on his personal life. To top it all off: Randy is never shy to give his opinion.


How Should I Learn Foreign Grammar? 20 Experts Show You How


Learning grammar — for many the horror of learning a new language.

But does it have to be this way?

Let’s find out in this second edition of Ask the Experts.

20 language-learning experts give super balanced advice on how to learn foreign grammar.


A Perfect Recall Rate: Case Study #1 – Report #1


Welcome to the first ever Smart Language Learner case study report.

I’m doing a case study on the Udemy video course: How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of any Language. It’s all about using memory palaces to learn foreign vocabulary.

How did I do in the first week?

All my experiences are documented in this first case study report.


Case Study #1 Announcement: How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language


So this is it.

The very first Smart Language Learner case study!

Time to put language-learning methods, techniques and products to the test.

I’ll publish periodic status reports that will detail my experiences with the method/product. The case study ends with a final report that will look back at the results achieved.

The first case study is about the following course:


The Future of Smart Language Learner (hint: it’s bright!)


Smart Language Learner as you know it?

It’s all going to change!

Well, not all of it, but a lot.

We’ll the dump the bad things, keep the good ones, and add some great stuff.


Language Learning Gets Personal: 11 Questions For … Olly Richards


Today, I’m happy to announce a new feature here on Smart Language Learner.

It’s an interview series called:

Language Learning Gets Personal: 11 Questions For …

In each edition, I’ll pose the same 11 questions to an experienced language learner.


Boring Method, Fun Method


Almost all modern language-learning experts agree.

Language learning should be fun.

But can this obsession with being entertained actually hurt your chances of learning another language?

I think it can. Let me explain.


The Biggest Language-Learning Lesson I’ve Learned

Is speaking-only a good way to learn a new language.

I thought I had it all figured out.

Surrounded by native speakers, probably for ever, there was nothing more I had to do but speaking to rapidly improve my Spanish.

Yep, just plain old chatting would shoot my fluency through the roof.

Or so I thought…


Prozac for Language Learning: Language-Learning Burnout Prevention and Treatment


Okay, that’s it!

You can’t do it anymore.

You’re done learning languages.

You did everything they told you.
But now the fire is extinguished.

You estimate the chances of you learning this language lower than those of Ted Bundy being in heaven.


The 3 Types of Language-Learning Stages and Their Role in Effective Language Learning

Making your language learning stage-based could be one of the smartest things you ever did.

Learning a new language comes in stages.

And these stages have so much to tell you: where you are, what to do next, if it’s time to drastically change your methods or not, etc.

But only if you understand them.

I hope to give you some of that understanding today…


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