An Unconventional and Superior Method for Learning Vocabulary?


When it comes to learning foreign vocabulary, rote learning is what most language learners dread most.

Fortunately, research now suggests that vocabulary is best learned by using the different senses.

According to a recent study, done by the Max Planck Institute, performing gestures while learning new words is particularly effective.


Get Fluent in a New Language by Overcoming Yourself


Successful language learning is not necessarily about the methods.

Methods do help, but they are utterly useless if you can’t remove the biggest obstacle to language-learning prosperity.

You probably already know what it is.

It’s something very, very close to you. In fact, nothing is closer to you than this thing. Heck, it isn’t even different from you.


Judgment Day: Learn German Easily – The Final Report


The second Smart Language Learner case study is over.

It was definitely another interesting journey for me.

I knew very little German and have certainly picked up a lot of things on the way.

So, how did it all go?

Read on to find out.


11 Questions For Susanna Zaraysky : Language Learning Gets Personal #5


“Most of my job opportunities have manifested because I could speak the language the employer needed. I got jobs for which I was under-qualified but I was the only applicant who could speak the language!”

Welcome to the fifth installment of Language Learning Gets Personal.

This time we have one of the most respected and famous polyglots in Susanna Zaraysky.


How to Learn a Language Better by Delaying Your Understanding


Lets’ face it.

Learning a new language can be a frustrating experience sometimes.

Granted, anything you can translate literally to a language you already know is a piece of cake.

But it’s in those things that differ so much from our native tongue where the challenges surface.


How to Keep Learning a Language when You No Longer HAVE to


Every experienced language learner knows it.

Motivation is hard to come by sometimes.

The best way to obtain it is to have an actual “need” to learn a new language.

But what to do when that need disappears?

19 experts help out.


Learn German Easily: Case Study Report #1


We’re underway!

The Learn German Easily case study has seen its first seven sessions.

How did I do? And more importantly: how did the course perform?

I’ll reveal all the details in this first report.


Learn German Easily – Case Study #2 Announcement


Can you learn German without battling with grammar rules?

Grammatically, German isn’t the easiest language to learn so it would be nice to avoid that.

Well, there’s a course out there that claims it can help you do just that.

Welcome to the second Smart Language Learner Case Study.


11 Questions For Camille Chevalier-Karfis : Language Learning Gets Personal #4


“A student of mine had missed his class. I wanted to say: “would you like to make up for the lesson”. Instead I said: “would you like to make out for the lesson”. He answered with a smile: “Camille, you should charge much more”… I understood my mistake and we both burst out in laughing.”

Time for another edition of Language Learning Gets Personal!


11 Questions For Jared Romey : Language Learning Gets Personal #3


“I did a little simple math and found that the 20 most widely spoken languages cover about 53% of the world’s population. In other words, if I could speak those 20 languages I could communicate with half the world.”

Welcome to the third edition of Language Learning Gets Personal. This time with Jared Romey from Speaking Latino.


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