One of the Greatest Things to Do on this Earth is Learning a Foreign Language


Well, maybe not the learning process itself, but being able to speak more than just your native language is amazing.


It opens up a new world for you, broadens your horizons, brings you new friends … a new personality even.


Communicating with a foreigner in their language is an intercultural experience that can’t be matched by many other experiences, but should be experienced by everyone!


And it doesn’t have to be an isolated experience, either. Whether it’s career, travel, or love, learning just one new language can have fantastic implications for your life.


It has brought me AMAZING experiences. And a life drastically changed. In fact, my life would have probably been 223% different from the life I live now, if it wasn’t for learning foreign languages.


I now live in Costa Rica, more than 5000 miles from where I used to live (the Netherlands), I’m married, a father, even. Who would have thought!


In short: My life changed for the better because of learning foreign languages.


That’s why I want you to do the same —  and I want to help you with that


I genuinely want to assist you.


Sometimes through what I say, and other times through the wisdom of others. No, I’m not a language-learning guru. I’m fallible, and I don’t have answer to everything (tip: better be careful if you encounter such a person :-)).


Here’s what Smart Language Learner has in store for you:


Case Studies on language learning products and methods. I’m the guinea pig and I publish periodic reports on results and experiences with the product or method.


Ask the Experts: I pose the most frequently asked questions about language learning to a varying panel of experts. The Ask the Experts posts can save you weeks of searching for information on a specific language-learning topic. You are up to speed in a matter minutes instead of months. I invite you to participate: Ask your question here.


It’s not just about the methods. Language Learning Gets Personal is an interview series in which I pose the same 11 questions to experienced language learners. As the title suggest, these questions are somewhat more personal than the standard questions like: “how to learn vocab”. I like to call this the Method-Free Zone.


And last, but hopefully not least, advice and lessons learned from my own language-learning experiences. Like this post and this one.


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