Best of the Language Learning Web – 21 Great Links from March 2017


The online language learning scene grows day by day.

A lot of good stuff is published, but so is a lot of junk! Sifting through all of it can be a pain.

That’s where Best of the Language Learning Web fits in. Me, as a language learning fanatic, I give it my best shot every month so that you don’t have to.

The goal here, is to have last month’s best language learning links all in one place.

Here’s my selection from last month:

Smart Language Learner

If you haven’t done so already, check out the second installment of Vocab Wars:

In this latest edition I tried to learn 100 words in 50 minutes by doing nothing but writing sentences with foreign words. Yes, writing…with pen and paper….some of you are probably old enough to remember this terribly old form of communication. 😉

Anyway, studies suggest you memorize better when you write something down as opposed to just typing it.

Check out the post if you’re interested.

Strategies and Tactics

Most language learning materials are aimed at beginners. So it’s always good to find intermediate language lessons you love.

As much as they try tell you that learning a new language is easy, in reality it isn’t. But you can make it more doable by adhering to these 10 best practices for learning a new language.

And while we’re at it, also check out these 3 habits of successful language learners.

Learning a new language is one thing, maintaining it is another thing altogether. Olly Richards explains how you can maintain a foreign language.

Memory plays a crucial role in both learning and maintaining a language. Here’s how you can remember everything, just like Sherlock.


Motivation is hard to come by sometimes. Occasionally, the Internet can help out: Here’s 10 ways to motivate yourself to learn a language.

Just like the body, we need to exercise our brains. Turns out learning another language is a good way to keep your brain fit.

It’s no secret that multilingualism is a great asset to have in the job market. Here’s one big reason why multilingual people make the best employees.

Apps & Technology

In the future, most language learning apps will probably be in Virtual Reality. Language app Mondly now uses VR to teach languages. Check out Digital Trends´ first take on this.

If you want your child to learn another language, the resources they use must be playful. Here are the 7 best online language resources for kids.

The folks at Duolingo are expanding the number of languages you can learn with the App. You can now learn two of Africa’s most widely spoken languages on Duolingo.

Language Specific

Chinese can be a tough language to learn. In order to keep at it, it’s sometimes good to make the learning process fun.

Landing a job in your new language is one of the best ways to master it. Have a look at these 10 best summer jobs to learn English.

Over 220 million people around planet Earth speak French. K-International makes a case why French is important.

Or if you prefer to learn Spanish (437 million speakers), here are 10 good reasons to learn Spanish.

But even with those 10 good reasons in mind, you’ll inevitably encounter some frustration along the way. Here are stories and advice from experts on the frustrations of learning Spanish with native speakers.

Something Different

In spite of our modern lifestyle, we’re really creatures of nature. We may even learn better while we’re surrounded by it. Check out the benefits of nature-based learning.

Due to recent technological improvements, machine translation is huge right now. But it can’t replace human translation yet. Here’s why.

One reason to learn another language may be love…. Ever wondered what it’s like dating across the language barrier?

A bit scary, but artificial intelligence devices can now learn how to communicate and create their own language.


Udemy, the online course platform, is running another promotion. You can get any course on their site for a mere $10.

If you’re interested, act quickly. The promotion ends April 13, 2017, after which all courses will be on sale for $15 until April 20.

Here are some courses that might interest you:

Spanish Made Simple – Learn Spanish with a Complete Guide to Becoming Conversational Using a Simplified Approach.

Chinese Made Easy: Understand 65% of Chinese in 10 hours

English Grammar Launch: Upgrade your speaking and listening

Goal-Setting Mastery: How To Get 10x Faster Results!

Become a SuperLearner V2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

That’s it for last month’s language links

Best of the Language Learning Web will be back next month.


Affiliate disclosure: Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission if you click on the link and purchase the product. Please note: I only recommend products and services that I believe will add value to you, my reader. If you decide to purchase through one of the affiliate links, you’ll be supporting Smart Language Learner, which in turn will lead to an improved site with more helpful content for language learners. So thanks for that in advance!


  1. Re: “Mondly now uses VR to teach languages”

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy to do a review and I can see why they added ‘first take’ to their review title. It’s because Mondly’s VR software isn’t ready for primetime. I don’t understand why they released it before ironing out the basic problems. Seriously, using the public to betatest at this level is plain cheeky.

    • Noel van Vliet says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      I haven’t tried it out, but was skeptical. I think when something new like this is launched it is firstly all about the technology and novelty of it. That alone ensures them many downloads. Also, you can have the greatest learning technology but if the content sucks it’s worthless.

      The article did talk about the cons of the App as it currently stands, so, fortunately, it wasn’t one of those sponsored posts you see every so often.

      Thanks very much for stopping by and sharing your views!

      p.s.: I’m looking forward to reading your review.

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