Best of the Language Learning Web – 17 Great Links from October 2016


Best-of-the-InternetThe on-line language learning scene grows day by day.

A lot of good stuff is published, but so is a lot of junk!

Sifting through all of it can be a pain.

That’s where Best of the Language Learning Web fits in. Me, as a language learning fanatic, I’ll give it my best shot every month so that you don’t have to.

The goal here, is to have last month’s best language learning links all in one place.

Here’s my selection from last month:

Strategies & Tactics

Olly Richards shares his views on learning two languages at the same time, and gives some good tips on how to do that.

Learning a language without using your native language for translation is gaining popularity. Luca Lampariello and Kevin Morehouse, however, make a case that you might actually be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t use your mother tongue.

With so many language learning apps and methods out there, there may actually be too much options at your disposal. You’d be wise to pick your language learning battles carefully.

The fear of losing an already learned language is what haunts many polyglots. Steve Kaufmann, respected polyglot and co-founder of LingQ, shares his tips on how to avoid language attrition.

Pronunciation is often a neglected part in language learning. Start mimicking native speakers to improve yours.


Failure rarely is a reason to give up on something. Rather you should use it as a learning experience to do better next time.

But taking into account some basic principles of motivation and goal setting can take you a long way toward succeeding, even on the first try.

Apps & the Internet

With so many language Apps available, a little guide that sums up the pros and cons of 15 popular language learning Apps can be incredibly time-saving.

Language Specific

Peter Backhaus from the Japan Times explains why you won’t learn natural Japanese from dubbed foreign TV, and what you should do instead.

If you’re still looking for a language to learn, why not give Ukrainian a go. Here are 5 reasons why you should learn Ukrainian.

You don’t have to go to China to learn Chinese. Ryan Wells learned to speak Mandarin Chinese while living in Kansas.

Something Different

Exercise is good for you, but did you know it can also boost memory retention?

If you’re interested in fictional languages like Klingon and High Valyrian, check out the Top 5 Fictional Languages.

The Huffington Post tries to find an answer to the age-old question: Is it harder to learn a language when you’re older?

And talking about age-old questions…If you’ve ever wondered if some people are genetically better language learners than others, Angela Grant has the (partial) answer.

Language learning and Yoga. Two completely different things, you’d say. But, according to Sophia Clark, they have much more in common than you might think.

Mosalingua conducted a study to see if “listening” to words while sleeping can help you learn a language.


Been planning to learn a new language? Udemy now offers drastic price reductions on their courses. Language learning is just one of their many course categories. All courses are on sale for a mere $19.

This offer expires Wednesday, November 19, 6.00AM PST.

That’s it for last month’s language links

Best of the Language Learning Web will be back next month.


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  1. I recommend the PhraseBot app – it can be used in various modes to practice words, phrases and sentences imported from the Quizlet flashcard website. It tracks progress and has better modes to develop productive ability than Duolingo etc :

    Android version:

    iPhone/iPad version:

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