Do You Really Hate to Study?

The word studying has gotten a bad reputation in the last few years.

Mention the word and you see people cringe in agony.

To study is to die a long painful death due to immense boredom.

Language bloggers who dare to use the word, risk the chance of being called old fashioned and outdated.

We no longer study a language, we learn it instead.


How to Make the Most of Your Foreign Language Trip

So you’ve decided to take the plunge.

You’re going on a trip to a country where they speak your target language.


Learning a language on your own is one thing, interacting face-to-face with native speakers is another thing altogether.

But it’s great and exciting.


Here’s a Simple Way to the Win the Battle Against Learning Frustration

We all have tough moments in our language-learning journeys.

And as much as we would like, preventing them entirely is impossible.

Any kind of learning involves at least some pain:

Whether it’s study frustration, or embarrassment from pronouncing a word incorrectly in a conversation…..

No matter what you do, some frustration is inevitable in order to grow. You can’t learn something worthwhile without challenging yourself.

That challenge can be felt as a kind of pain, a frustration. A frustration that can quickly build up, and when it does, you just might want to throw all your learning materials into the trash can.

And if your learning material is digital, you might want to smash your Smart Phone into pieces as well.

The trick, then, is to not let that frustration get the better of you.

A simple shift of mind is usually enough to accomplish that.


How to Set Up a Successful Language-Learning Schedule (Even if You’re a Screw Up Like Me)

Some people are like robots.

They set out to do goal achieving activities every day, and they follow through on them without fail.

Day after day, they show up to get one day closer to whatever their end goal is.

They get things done….and they’re going places, while screw ups like you and me (yeah, I’m talking to you) can’t get adelante.

Don’t those people make you sick?

They used to make my stomach feel like a bag of bricks, and me like a total screw up.

Not anymore.

I stick to my schedule now. Even though it’s a very flexible one.

Here’s how I do it:


How to Measure Your Language-Learning Progress


You can’t learn a new language in a month.

No matter what they promise you, it’s not going to happen. (At least not until they invent a language chip they can insert into your brain.)

Learning a new language is a rather lengthy process. It’s not something you do for a while and then you’re done. Some would say it’s a lifetime project.


Are You Stuck in a Language-Learning Plateau – and Not Sure What to Do?

Ever felt like you’ve come to a standstill in your language learning?

It sucks, right?

Long gone are the early days of your language journey when learning was a breeze:

The prospect of speaking a new language excited you so much … and picking up new words and grammar rules was almost as easy as breathing out.

Now, however, all you seem to do is maintain what you already learned.

If that…


An Unconventional and Superior Method for Learning Vocabulary?

When it comes to learning foreign vocabulary, rote learning is what most language learners dread most.

Fortunately, research now suggests that vocabulary is best learned by using the different senses.

According to a recent study, done by the Max Planck Institute, performing gestures while learning new words is particularly effective.


Get Fluent in a New Language by Overcoming Yourself

Successful language learning is not necessarily about the methods.

Methods do help, but they are utterly useless if you can’t remove the biggest obstacle to language-learning prosperity.

You probably already know what it is.

It’s something very, very close to you. In fact, nothing is closer to you than this thing. Heck, it isn’t even different from you.


How to Learn a Language Better by Delaying Your Understanding

Lets’ face it.

Learning a new language can be a frustrating experience sometimes.

Granted, anything you can translate literally to a language you already know is a piece of cake.

But it’s in those things that differ so much from our native tongue where the challenges surface.


Boring Method, Fun Method

Almost all modern language-learning experts agree.

Language learning should be fun.

But can this obsession with being entertained actually hurt your chances of learning another language?

I think it can. Let me explain.