Language Tools I’ve Used and Recommend

Welcome to the Smart Language Learner Resources Page.

Here you can find a list of language learning tools that I’ve used and recommend.

I’ve personally tried all the tools in the list. And most of them have helped me in my own language learning journey.

This is an evolving page — I’ll update it regularly — so you might want to bookmark it.

Before we get to the tools I like and recommend, please take note of the following:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase that particular product, I’ll receive a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please know that I recommend these products because they can help you achieve your goal of learning another language, not because of the small commission I make if you buy something. Please don’t spend any money on products if you don’t think they’re helpful, or if you can’t afford them.


Duolingo is the charming science-based language app that uses a lot of gamification to keep things interesting. New community features in which you do battle against a friend to see who progresses most are a good addition to the app. Duolingo is free.

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages used to have a bad rep due to aggressive marketing and somewhat sub-standard learning material. But they’ve improved on both fronts, especially their learning material.

I was a little hesitant in recommending it, but I now think Rocket Languages is what the new Pimsleur should have been. It has the games and exercises to get the most out of the interactive audio lessons.

In spite of all the good things, I don’t like that they use their fair share of non-native speakers. Let’s hope they improve this in the future.

FluentU and Yabla

Both FluentU and Yabla let you learn a language by watching authentic videos. Or learning…..maybe I should say mastering as both platforms aren’t for beginners. However, they are very useful and fun tools for intermediate and advanced learners. Especially good for improving your listening skills.


Forvo is a huge online pronunciation dictionary. Wanna know how you pronounce a word in your new language? Check out Forvo. It’s free!


How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language

This is a memory course that teaches you to use Memory Palaces to learn foreign vocab. Memory Palaces couple the words with visuals in your mind’s eye. This makes it way easier to remember the words. In the course, no stone is left unturned when it comes to memory palaces.

Course creator Anthony Metivier offers a free Memory Improvement Kit so that you can try some of his methods for free.

Fluent Forever

Opera singer Gabriel Wyner wrote this great book in which he teaches his method to quickly learn a new language. Wyner advocates learning the pronunciation first by using the phonetic alphabet, using Google Images for learning vocabulary and much more.


Practice Makes Perfect series

If you like to sit down with a cup of coffee and work to improve your vocab, verb tenses and much more, then the textbook series Practice Makes Perfect is a good choice. Even though some of their books come with cd’s, it’s mostly text. But it gives you the chance to work on your weaknesses at your own pace.



iTalki is the go-to place for finding language exchange partners. They also offer one-on-one lessons with teachers.