Write for Smart Language Learner

So you want to write for Smart Language Learner? Great!

Guest posting is a good way to showcase yourself or your project.

But, and it’s a big but (with a single T ;-), it must be beneficial for both parties.

In this day and age of big uncle Google, guest posts almost have to be of even higher quality than articles written by the home blogger himself (or herself).

In the past, I’ve made the mistake myself: I published some guest posts on the blog that I wouldn’t publish today. Some of them just weren’t good enough.

From now on, I’ll only publish high quality guest posts that are good additions to my blog.

So if you think you can write a high quality post for Smart Language Learner, fill in the form below.

Note: I’m particularly interested in, but not limited to, guest posts about individual languages. Examples: 7 shortcuts to learning Italian, How to Roll Your R’s in Spanish, etc.