7 Simple Techniques to Develop Exceptional Memory

When our brain processes information, it may store it in its long-term memory system and retrieve it when necessary.

That’s exactly what we want it to do when we’re learning languages.

We do our best to memorize different words and grammar rules and we want to keep that information fresh. When we want to remember something, we are willingly bringing information from our unconscious level to the conscious mind.

However, the brain doesn’t have the capacity to store every single detail we see, hear, think, and sense in the long-term memory. Before being dismissed or stored in the long-term memory, all information has to go through the working memory.

When we are learning a foreign language, we want all words, grammar rules, and culture references to be stored in the long-term memory.

Unfortunately, this system doesn’t react according to our wishes.

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4 Ways to Gamify Foreign Language Learning

You may have seen one of the many TED talks about how gaming is either a modern devil or the modern savior of humanity.

Speakers commonly quote how humanity spends 3 billion hours per week playing games; along with a ringing cry to change the situation (though they do not mention how many hours people spend watching TV).

People are always going to find ways to busy themselves, and if gaming is your thing, then try the methods listed below in order to learn a language while you play.

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Language Learning and Avoid the Same Mistakes

Learning something new has numerous benefits.

It’s fun, engaging, and most of the time you get to meet new people.

Learning a new language in particular has been proven to boost people’s intelligence.

It’s also seen as one of the most difficult things to do.

For one thing, not everyone has the luxury of time to put into their learning efforts, and for another, well, learning something unfamiliar takes a lot of getting used to.

But what if you were told that you can save time in learning a new language?

It’s actually very doable.

The secret to optimal language learning without the added hassle is in avoiding the same mistakes.

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