Yabla Review: I Spent 11 Hours With Yabla – Here are my Thoughts

Yabla is a language immersion tool that helps you learn a new language through videos.

It’s a fun way for intermediate and advanced learners to improve their skills in their target language. It’s especially good for boosting your listening skills.

You don’t just watch the videos, but you also learn from them by playing games that feature the videos’ content.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Nice When You’re Abroad

The average Western tourist (or expat) acts way too nice when abroad.

A fake happy, innocent, and weak attitude takes possession of him as soon as he sets foot on foreign soil.

His eagerness to be accepted by the natives is written all over his face.

Now you might think … so what? Someone who wants to be liked. Big deal!

But in underdeveloped countries, there are still some unwritten social laws.

And such open attitudes can get you in trouble.

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9 Language Learning Apps You Never Even Considered

Duolingo, Babbel, Memrise – there are almost as many language learning apps out there as there are languages themselves.

However, these slick applications aren’t the only way to learn a language with your mobile phone. There are dozens of non-language learning applications which can help you learn your target language as well as assimilate the culture of its native speakers.

This article is a list of nine of my favorites – some of which you’ve definitely never heard of.

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