7 Simple Techniques to Develop Exceptional Memory

When our brain processes information, it may store it in its long-term memory system and retrieve it when necessary.

That’s exactly what we want it to do when we’re learning languages.

We do our best to memorize different words and grammar rules and we want to keep that information fresh. When we want to remember something, we are willingly bringing information from our unconscious level to the conscious mind.

However, the brain doesn’t have the capacity to store every single detail we see, hear, think, and sense in the long-term memory. Before being dismissed or stored in the long-term memory, all information has to go through the working memory.

When we are learning a foreign language, we want all words, grammar rules, and culture references to be stored in the long-term memory.

Unfortunately, this system doesn’t react according to our wishes.

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A Perfect Recall Rate: Case Study #1 – Report #1

Welcome to the first ever Smart Language Learner case study report.

I’m doing a case study on the Udemy video course: How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of any Language. It’s all about using memory palaces to learn foreign vocabulary.

How did I do in the first week?

All my experiences are documented in this first case study report.

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Case Study #1 Announcement: How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language

So this is it.

The very first Smart Language Learner case study!

Time to put language-learning methods, techniques and products to the test.

I’ll publish periodic status reports that will detail my experiences with the method/product. The case study ends with a final report that will look back at the results achieved.

The first case study is about the following course:

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