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6 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language


If you are not already learning a foreign language, you should start right away!

Why may you wonder?

Well, let’s just mention a few benefits, such as:

  • a better traveling experience
  • a better brain
  • a better social life
  • a better pay
  • better grades
  • a better job
  • a better life in general

Yes, learning a second language makes everything better.

The word ‘learning’ might stop you from achieving your dream, making you think about the school years, teachers, exams, and grades.

Learning a foreign language should not be boring, tiresome and stressful. On Smart Language Learner you can find out many helpful tips and games that will make this process much easier.

But first, let’s get into more details regarding the benefits that are learning a foreign language will bring.

1. Gives Your Brain a Boost

Studies have shown that speaking at least two languages improves your cognitive process. The brain of a bilingual person operates differently compared to single language speakers, and these differences come along with some amazing perks.

Learning a second language improves cognitive performance and memory, increases focus and self-control and protects you against dementia and Alzheimer’s.

2. New Job Opportunities

But not only your brain benefits from the effort of learning a second language. It also opens the door towards a job opportunity abroad and shows your boss that your language skills can benefit the company.

You may even ask for a raise. You can also make friends all over the world making you more confident and attractive.

3. Private Conversations

A foreign language also gives you the opportunity to have private conversations in a language not many people know. How many people in your town know Chinese or Russian?

Well, you should not rely on this to share top secrets, but it will make discussing some personal topics safer when you are on a bus for example.

4. Establish Cross-Cultural Friendships

Thanks to the amazing Internet we can now make friends all over the world and find people from far away countries in a matter of seconds. But what good that you can find them, if you cannot communicate with them?

That can be really frustrating.

Not knowing that person’s language means that you will miss out the authentic cultural experience.

So, if there is a culture that you’d like to know better, why not learn their language?

5. Become a Smarter Tourist

We all know that to be a tourist is not always a good thing.

You will pay more for services and always be a target for burglars or people who will want to trick you. This can ruin your experience in a beautiful country, where people are actually genuine and warm.

So why not act like a local?

You do not have to be proficient in their language, but learning it at a conversational level will make a lot of difference.

Blend in and enjoy an amazing experience that otherwise could be so easily compromised.

6. Live or Study Overseas

If you feel like making a change in your life such as studying abroad or moving to a foreign country, knowing a foreign language will make your choice much easier. It will be the door that will open to a completely new world waiting to be discovered.

You could study in Japan, or find a job in Germany, or maybe settle down in Spain. Figure out what country you want, learn their language and go for it.

If you are still not convinced of becoming a foreign language student, maybe the fact that there are so many amazing online tools, language exchange sites and mobile apps will make you change your mind.

Learning a language does not mean tests, bad grades, and fearsome teachers. You can learn it by yourself, in the comfort of your home.


As you can see, there are so many benefits of learning a new language.

You also need patience and commitment, and you already have a great start in your journey towards learning a new language and keeping your sanity.

By speaking two or more languages you will stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s, you boost your brain power and memory and take better decisions among so many other perks that this decision will bring.

So what is stopping you?

Stop making excuses and start learning the language you have always wanted to learn.

Bria Pierce is a blogger and writer at custom writing service Bria lives in Toronto, Canada, where she enjoys unique nature, breathe taking views and multinational culture. Bria knows French and Ukrainian languages from her childhood and right now opens for herself Spanish language and traditions. You can connect with her via Facebook and Twitter for more interesting tips.


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