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How Long Does It Take to Learn a New Language?

Ever since the days of Julius Caesar, people have wondered how long it takes to learn a language. (Don’t Google this, I made it up.)

The most sensible answer is:

It depends on so many things!

Like how close your target language is to your native language, or how many hours a day you will devote to the learning process.

So it depends is probably the most accurate answer, but that’s NOT the answer I’ll be giving you today.

10 Ways to Beat Boredom When Learning a New Language

If you have any experience with learning another language, you know that…

…language learning can get boring.

And that’s a big reason why most people never learn a new language.

Boredom equals pain, so people shy away from it.

But you shouldn’t let boredom be an obstacle in your path to fluency.

You can learn how to deal with it.


Try some of the stuff listed in this post.

You Don’t Want to Learn a Language at All

You have it all planned out, don’t you?!

Travel the world, interact with natives, and feel like you’re one of them.

Maybe even emigrate to a sunny place and start a new life there?

Your new language could unlock it all for you.

It’s there for the taking.

The only problem?

You don’t want to learn a language at all.