children with books and a globe

Physical Exercise Can Increase Children’s Vocabulary

A recent study suggests that aerobic exercise can boost children’s vocabulary.

Previous studies have shown that adults have increased brain activity after exercising. The increased blood flow helps them learn new words more easily.

But does the same memory-boosting effect also occur in children?

Researchers Madison Pruitt and Giovanna Morini (both from the University of Delaware) set out to find out.

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Glossika Review: An App for Serious Language Learners


It is almost impossible to find a language learning app today that does not put it at the forefront of the learning process.

Gamification can certainly help when it comes to motivation, but it also disguises what the real reward of learning a language is.

The real reward is not a stupid looking hat for your childish avatar, or collecting coins that ultimately prove useless.

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How Long Does It Take to Learn a New Language?

Ever since the days of Julius Caesar, people have wondered how long it takes to learn a language. (Don’t Google this, I made it up.)

The most sensible answer is:

It depends on so many things!

Like how close your target language is to your native language, or how many hours a day you will devote to the learning process.

So it depends is probably the most accurate answer, but that’s NOT the answer I’ll be giving you today.

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