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Noel van Vliet

Noel is the founder of Smart Language Learner. When he isn't learning languages or writing about it, you can find him enjoying the good life of Costa Rica, where he lives with his wife and 4 children.

10 Ways to Beat Boredom When Learning a New Language

If you have any experience with learning another language, you know that…

…language learning can get boring.

And that’s a big reason why most people never learn a new language.

Boredom equals pain, so people shy away from it.

But you shouldn’t let boredom be an obstacle in your path to fluency.

You can learn how to deal with it.


Try some of the stuff listed in this post.

Interview with Polyglot Steve Kaufmann

Steve Kaufmann… If you’ve browsed the internet language scene for more than 5 minutes, then you’ve probably heard of him.

He’s a Canadian polyglot who speaks an incredible 17 languages… and counting.

Steve has been learning languages for more than 55 years and is also the co-founder of LingQ, a popular language learning app.

Notably, he’s learned most of his languages later in life, thereby busting the myth that language learning is only for young people.