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Chinese (Mandarin) Resources


Don’t like to learn languages with textbooks?

Then FluentU may be for you.

FluentU is an online language immersion platform where you can learn Chinese through real-world videos.

Especially for intermediate learners and above. They can learn from real-life videos and real-life accents to get a step closer to fluency.

Great to develop good listening skills.


Similar to FluentU but with better video content.

Yabla has complete movies and tv series and even makes custom videos just for the Yabla platform.

The video library is also more aimed at adults, which makes it more interesting. Even so, Yabla also has content for children and various “strong” content filtering options.

Can’t choose between FluentU and Yabla?

Check out: FluentU vs. Yabla – Which One Is Better?


With Speechling, you can improve your Chinese pronunciation.

It works like this:

  1. You hear a native speaker say a sentence in Chinese
  2. You repeat the sentence and record your own voice
  3. You send the recording to your coach
  4. Your coach sends you feedback on your pronunciation within 24 hours
  5. You work to improve your pronunciation… and the cycle starts again until you nail it.

Speechling is a great tool to improve your pronunciation, an aspect of language learning that’s often neglected.

A basic Speechling account is free and grants you 35 corrections per month.

The paid version has unlimited corrections from a coach and costs $19.99/month.

If you’re interested in a paid account, use the code: SLL4NP at checkout to receive a lifetime 10% discount.

You can read my Speechling review here.


Glossika uses a method called: Mass sentence method.

This basically means that you will hear lots of sentences, and you have to repeat them as well as you can.

It’s ideal for getting used to the sounds and grammatical structures of Chinese.

Especially useful for the intermediate learner and above.


Chinese language course with short lessons and lots of dialogue. Starts easy but gets harder as you go.

If you hate courses with a fixed structure, try ChineseClass101 as it offers different learning paths.


With Skritter, you can learn the Chinese writing system.

Skritter gives you immediate feedback, and the spaced repetition system makes sure you focus on the characters that are most difficult for you.


Forvo is a huge online pronunciation dictionary.

Wanna know how you pronounce a word in your new language?

Check out Forvo. It’s free!


The go-to place to find language teachers and language exchange partners.

Speak Chinese very well? Become a teacher at iTalki and get paid for your efforts.

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