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General Resources


Glossika uses a method called: Mass sentence method.

This basically means that you will hear lots of sentences, and you have to repeat them as well as you can.

It’s ideal for getting used to the sounds and grammatical structures of a language.

Especially useful for the intermediate learner and above.


Courses in many languages with short lessons and lots of dialogue. They start easy but get harder as you go.

If you hate courses with a fixed structure, try Innovative Language courses as they offer different learning paths.


Forvo is a huge online pronunciation dictionary. Wanna know how you pronounce a word in your new language? Check out Forvo. It’s free!

How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language

This is a memory course that teaches you to use Memory Palaces to learn foreign vocab.

The method taught in the course is the Magnetic Memory Method.

Memory Palaces combine the words with visuals in your mind’s eye. This makes it way easier to remember the words. In the course, no stone is left unturned when it comes to memory palaces.

Read my review here.

Fluent Forever

Opera singer Gabriel Wyner wrote this excellent book in which he teaches his method to learn a new language quickly.

Wyner advocates learning the pronunciation first by using the phonetic alphabet, using Google Images for learning vocabulary, and much more.

Practice Makes Perfect series

If you like to sit down with a cup of coffee and work to improve your vocab, verb tenses, and much more, then the textbook series Practice Makes Perfect is a good choice.

Even though some of their books come with CD’s, it’s mostly text. But it gives you the chance to work on your weaknesses at your own pace.

These books are available in many languages.


iTalki is the go-to place for finding language exchange partners. They also offer one-on-one lessons with teachers.

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