9 Ways to Keep Studying Even When You Don’t Feel Like it

9 Techniques to Get You Through the Difficult Language Study Sessions.

Grrrrr. There’s that sensation again.

That burning feeling. The feeling of being powerless.

You want to study but can’t even think straight.

You feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t seem that you’ll hold out for much longer.

If you don’t learn to deal with the negative experiences that bother you during your language learning, you will never learn a new language. You may keep trying, but the same thing will happen again and again.

It’s a pattern. You start your study all excited, but once the excitement wears off, you’re in the middle of reality.

And reality is harsh..

Now, if you prepared everything right — and if you educated yourself on what it takes to learn a new language — a big slice of the frustration will already be conquered.

But every new session brings with it its challenges, and thus negative feelings.

Almost every language study session I’ve ever had was somewhat painful — I’m a naturally lazy guy with little patience — but bit by bit, I learned how to manage them and how to apply specific antidotes to the disturbing emotions.

They were successful to me every single time.

The Path of Least Resistance

We are wired to take the path of least resistance.

If you take a different road, you will be severely challenged. All emotional forces within yourself will try to push you back to the safety of the path of least resistance.

It’s a survival instinct. It was useful when we were cavemen. Now it’s keeping you from achieving many things that could enrich your life beyond your wildest imagination.

If you need to speak Chinese for your six-month solo trip to China, you have made *not studying* the path of least resistance.

You know that if you don’t study, your chances of feeling well in Beijing will be seriously diminished. Just think about the shame you would feel if you needed to return home early because you were homesick! It’s easier to study a lot than to have such an experience.

However, even with a strong event-driven motive as the fuel of your study, you’re still going to have to deal with an array of negative inner experiences. Here’s how you do it.

1. Limit Your Session Length

The most important one. And for a reason.

If you feel frustrated or overwhelmed during a study session, it’s difficult to sit it out if you have two more hours to go. However, if you only have 15 minutes left until your next break, the world suddenly looks a lot brighter.

All the other techniques will be a lot less successful if you don’t limit your session time.

Oh… and if you’re not convinced: psychologists now say you learn best when studying in short chunks of time.

Limit your session time to 30 minutes per session — followed by a short break.

Try it for a while. Then, let me know how much more effective your study has become.

2. Don’t Focus on Results

You’re in pain — in a negative state. This is not the time to evaluate yourself nor your language-learning progress. Do not demand improvement in this session. Just complete it. That’s your goal. Keep at it until your time is up.

If you make the mistake of judging your progress when you are frustrated, you will come to unrealistically negative conclusions.

Don’t try too hard. Don’t stress about the results. Results come slowly. They take time. For now, all you focus on is finishing your study time.

3. A Moment for Yourself

Although it may seem somewhat ‘new age’ —  I recommend that before each session, you take a minute for yourself.

You shut your eyes, and you remind yourself of:

  • Truths about learning a language (for example: without a challenge we can’t learn)
  • What you’re all doing it for (the goal of your study and your event-driven motive)
  • Inspirational quotes

Remind yourself of them before each session, and every time you get stuck.

Don’t discard this technique for being too ‘spacey’. It’s not The Secret — it won’t miraculously make you speak a new language just by doing this. But it does make sure you start each session with the right mindset.

4. Accept Negative Emotions

When your negative inside forces overwhelm you, you need to accept them. If you can do that, they will lessen their grip on you. You will feel them less, and they no longer order you around.

You can do what *you* want despite the negative feelings.

Accept them and let them be.

5. Vary Your Study Setting

One of my favorite techniques is to vary my study setting. In other words, pick a different study location. Don’t keep learning your new language in the same old place. Keep it fresh.

It’s not just an excellent method to beat the language-study blues; you will actually learn better if you do this. Simply alternating the room where you study improves memory retention.

6. Stand up Walk Around

When you are struggling with frustration, you can feel that energy in your body.

You need to burn it off.

Put on your MP3 player, use the audio from your main course, and get up and walk around. Yes, just stroll around a bit while you keep studying. It’s an effective trick to reduce the emotions that are bothering you.

I used to live in an apartment with a long hallway. I can’t count the times I walked up and down that hallway, all the while moving my Spanish along nicely.

7. Change Your Study Material

If you’re just starting, I recommend you focus more on your main course, but it can be very soothing to change it up a bit.

So, grab your vocabulary workbook or a newspaper in your target language and do something else for a while. It can prevent boredom and frustration.

8. Go Outside

If you feel the need to blow off some steam, why don’t you go outside for a while?

It’s good to breathe in some fresh air.

Just take your MP3 player with you so you can keep studying.

Note: if you don’t want to speak out loud, you cannot log this time as study time. Don’t fool yourself. Just listening to something in your target language is good, but you can’t count it as hard-core language learning.

9. Reward Your Inner Child

Much of our frustration and whining originate from deep inside of us. We are not as mature as we think we are.

So how do you make a child do something he doesn’t like?

Right, you reward him.

Reward yourself for completing your study time. The reward can be watching your favorite television show, eating a piece of chocolate, or whatever you like.

Experiment a Little

There are, of course, other things you can do to lower your study anxiety. If you are a self-critical person, you can experiment a lot. If not, you need to be a bit more disciplined in your methods. It’s easy to get off track.



  1. Great one, I agree that you should experiment and change your learning method or material if necessary. Doing so will give you more exposure to different topics. Thus, it will enrich your vocabulary and knowledge. And, you will also discover the best learning method for yourself by changing methods.

    1. Thanks the comment, Teddy. I agree but there’s always the danger that we keep swapping materials and thus never go deep with any of them. You must give it some time.

      1. I’m a 12 year old boy who used to live in America. Of course my two favorite things were video games and spending time with my friends. Now I moved to Madrid, Spain. There were many changes, like having to wear a uniform to school and not being able to go to the bathroom during class. The exams are IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! My parents say that “with a little study I’ll get good grades. But here’s the thing… whenever I try to study I wanna play Xbox! I agree that with studying you’ll learn a lot but whenever I get a poor grade I can’t play video games!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

        P.S the kids here treat you like garbage DONT MOVE TO SPAIN!!!!!

      2. Hi sir I loved your article ..it was really inspiring .
        I want to know that how do you know these things is that your thinking or it is a course that you do??

  2. I read ur article…its quite convincing….m gona follow it…nd will let u knw the results….thanks

      1. Am a very brilliant student till now. But nowadays I feel extremely lazy to study. I love reading very much but can’t concentrate on my studies. My mom always taunts me saying my cousin studies 12 hours a days, even if this is the begginging of my 10th std boards. What should I do to regain my interest in studies??? Please help

  3. Sometimes i experience those days but what i do its actually follow one of your suggestions:
    The one in whih i stop for a while and begin to think all the bonnus i’ll have thanks to my new ability.

  4. I always get freaked out when it comes to studying especially when I’m going for an exam.Now I don’t feel so stressed out anymore , I’m gonna try it fifteen minutes later(It is because I just went in the study room but suddenly came out very stressed).

  5. hi thanks for your article it helped very much. but i need to ask you . i’m a person who was a loser and planning to be a successful one . but sometimes i feel that i was born a loser and forever a loser .. help me !

    1. I might have an answer for you.
      In the words of Brian Tracy, “if you want to achieve something you’ve never achieved before, you have to become someone you’ve never been before.”
      It’s a farce that someone is always a loser.
      Identify things that you need to get a task done well, and get those things done. Then attempt the task. I’m sure you’ll do quite well then 🙂

    2. May, I think knowing the fact that everyone feels that way sometimes may alleviate your negative thoughts. You may say in your defence you feel that way all the time, but this is only because you aren’t trying hard enough to change it. We have only one life. We must never degrade it with our laziness and lack of zest and enthusiasm. Hard work and determination to achieve a good life can make miracles. I have much more to say, and can help you if we can get in contact..

  6. Those were the most convincing things that i could possibly ever imagine to get rid of my laziness. Thanks a lot!!

  7. I will follow your advice sir as I want to study but later on just because of negative thought I wont be able to focus on it. THANKS for your precious advise.

  8. Thanks a lot bro. This article will help me a lot. Studying for exams are boring but not anymore thanks to you. You genius!

  9. Thank you… really helpful techniques I am going to use them while doing a levels and learning German

  10. Thanks alot… these ways are really helpful in the long run. You are right about devoting time for studies in small chunks. It keeps frustration away.

    1. Thanks, Nishant.

      Yes, that’s one of the most important things you can do to help you keep studying. Even doing so in chunks of 10 minutes can help you get through boring stuff easily.

  11. I keep on making excuses Everyday to convince myself that it is not my fault If I don’t study well. And I quit studying often just to do fun around. Give me some tip please.

    1. That’s something recognizable. 🙂

      I like Mel Robbins’ approach. When you have the thought “I should study now” take action within 5 seconds. If not your mind will talk you out of it. It looks rational but it’s really just your brain farting, as she puts it.

      I plan on writing an article on this method because it has shown (to me, at least) a lot of potential.

      To get more details now, check out her TedX talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7E973zozc

  12. thanks for this great article. when I finished reading it I want to change myself from lazy person to a busy one.I believe that the beginning is the most difficult.I like the way you said that the readers had better change places so as not to get bored , befriend with books and reward themselves so that they could co on the path.

  13. I’m really tankful for the article …. I have this hard exam about two weeks later and was really tired of studying …but I’m going to start it from right nowww . I think I should accept my negative emotions(which contain tiredness ) instead of thinking about them all the times … :))

  14. Thanks for all the ways to get rid of boredom and concentrate on studying . I think if we read the texts aloud from our book it will go through our head .

    1. Thanks HEMANTH,

      Yes, it works. Work a little, then play a little. You just have to be disciplined about the “play” part. Never play more than you should.

  15. I am not feeling like studying at all.I am feeling like crying.What should I do.I cant even read this article.?

    1. Relax, wait until the emotions subside and then come back to the article.

      Never judge yourself when feeling down. In that state you can’t think straight or judge, everything will seem negative.

  16. i am agreed with ur all points there are many distractions i have tried all these ways…it ways little helpful.. but still i cant study …i am 17 years old …and am very tens for my HSC Board exams… i am very lazy i have wasted 3 months June, July, and august now remaining only 4 months sept , oct, nov and dec. my exam is in feb, and jan is the month of revisions of all subjects, so i didnt mention it above. what should i do now?
    whenever i think of my dreams.. i feel to study but after sometimes.. i again feel lazy and sit doing nothing or go to sleep…for dis i have also un-install my whatsapp. plz help me give me some tips..so that i can study.. i want to score above 90% … but because of my lazyness …i think i cant juz cant.

  17. Great one, I agree that you should experiment and change your learning method or material if necessary. Doing so will give you more exposure to different topics. Thus, it will enrich your vocabulary and knowledge. And, you will also discover the best learning method for yourself by changing methods……………………………………….

  18. Hi.. My exams are going to start and I didn’t felt like studying but now I am going to try these tips..and tell you my result:)


  19. I was gone away from the target of studying but after reading it I am feeling strong and ready to study again…

    Thanks a lot…

    Now I have to go to study…


  20. I always get really stressed about studying, and when ever I finish I feel like I don’t know any of it, even though I spend like hours on end just studying. I am going to try taking breaks, and I hope it works. I used to be so good at studying, but now I JUST HAVE SOOOO MUCH HOMEWORK!!!

  21. thanks for precious advice here, but can u tell how can i improve more?
    I am studying good all through the year but as the exams come near , i loose all the hope , energy , motivation, and most important speed. i do well in my test series but my exam results are far off. looking forward for your help.

    1. I’m not really an expert on that subject.

      But it looks like you have some psychological blocks. Like your fear of failure is causing you to lose those things.

  22. I tried every thing but nothing seem to work.I cant study for 30min continous ly.My mind always goesto unwanted thoughts,plz help me how can i get back to studies,i am in a critical position of life.I always fooling my self.plz plz tell me wat should i do.

    1. Don’t try to study for 30 minutes.

      Start with 10 or even 5 minutes and take little breaks, then slowly work your way up. If you find you still can’t study for 30 minutes continuously, then settle for 10 or 15 or whatever you can do.

      1. Bro u r trick is helping.Can u tell me how can i control my thoughts.It always comes in my way.Plz tell how to get over it.I will follow as u say.

        1. I don’t really think you can control your thoughts….

          But you can be aware of them so that they lose their grip on you.

          How? Read this article.

    2. Soumya! I was interested to read your comment, because I’ve seen a lot of people go through this, including myself! I’ve tried tons of things, and what I’m going to tell you has worked better than I ever thought possible. What Noel said is right, YOU can’t control your thoughts, so you can try to do things so they “lose their grip on you”, but that still doesn’t completely solve the problem. Sounds a little discouraging, right? However, there actually is an answer…
      First, here is what I used to go through:
      I would go through my day constantly being distracted by my thoughts, sometimes random, and sometimes genres of thoughts I was addicted to that rather possessed me. I couldn’t hardly focus on my school or work or anything, and when I went to bed I would lie awake for hours thinking of awful, terrible things, and I couldn’t control it. And my dreams! I imagined and dreamt such horrible things, I thought I was the most despicable person on the face of the planet. And I tried SO hard to stop! But it never worked. And I was so empty inside. No life, no enduring happiness. I would find things that made me happy for a moment or a few days, but it never lasted. And since I was so helpless, I found myself unable to help others. In fact, I wondered why I existed and kind of wished I would just die. Now you may not have experienced all that, but I just wanted to include that so you understood just how dramatically what I’m about to tell you changed my life.
      So here’s what I found!
      1) I confessed it to an authority in my life, who I knew could keep me accountable. I told them what I was struggling with and that I knew it was wrong and that I’d tell them every time I was struggling and giving in to them temptation. Just the thought of having to tell someone every time I failed motivated me to choose to redirect my thoughts to other things. But I found that in and of myself I was powerless. It was like there was a power over me controlling me. I needed (and this is where most people will scoff, but I promise you I’m not making this up; it answered all my deepest heart cries, and it’s helped countless other people I know the same way), I needed a Higher Power, specifically the one who defeated sin and death by suffering and dying for my sake and the sake of everyone in the world. His name is Jesus.
      2) Having put my faith in Christ, I confessed my sin to Him and renewed my mind in the Bible, God’s Word. He says in John 6: “The words I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” I was about to find out how true this really was. When I was tempted to think bad things or even just get distracted at inopportune times, I would turn my thoughts to the Lord and quote Scripture, and He gave me the power to overcome. It isn’t magical words, it’s the power of the One who created you and me working in the heart of a yielded person. More and more I tended to think about good, beautiful things. Sometimes evil or less-than-pure thoughts enter our heads that we didn’t intend to think about, but we haven’t done wrong, unless we choose to keep thinking about those bad things. So although no one can prevent uninvited thoughts entering our minds, I was able to consistently overcome temptation to dwell on those bad thoughts. Not that I never fail. Sometimes I give way, but God is faithful to convict me and help me get back on track when I repent.
      Results: I now have a pure thought life. I am not easily distracted. I’m very productive and perform well in college. I have enduring peace and joy in my heart continually, because I discovered God is as personal as a living human being. He speaks continually to listening hearts and gives direction, support, and purpose to life! I am able to truly help others and be a blessing even to those that believe totally differently than me, and through every difficulty and trial, I have joy and hope, because God has always helped my get through every one. In fact, I’ve learned to be grateful for hard times, because every time I get through something difficult, God is faithful to bring people along that are going through the same thing that I am able to help encourage in their journey. And it is SO exciting!!! I so hope and pray this is helpful to you too!! Have questions? Let me know!! I’d be happy to answer as best as I know how! 🙂

      1. Can you please help me??
        I am an Indian, 16 years old. Right now I am in 11 standard. I have wasted the entire year and studied nothing. Actually I was a good student, sort of topper and I am now also as according to others but I know that I know nothing about the present year’s syllabus. I don’t feel like studying at any time. I would have made schedules and time tables for 1000 times but never follow. That inner feeling of doing something good is no more there. I keep sitting with my books but don’t study a word. I wanna disappear. People have a lot of expectations from me and even I have. Actually I am a brilliant student. I can understand and concept deeper and faster than others but there is some unknown problem. I don’t know what to do. All these tricks given here have already failed.
        Recently I participated in the National Science Exhibition and my project was selected in the top 21 projects of the entire country. But the fact is I am not at all happy or satisfied. There is great element of guilt and fear in me all the time… 🙁

        Please help me.
        Please. If you can.

        1. Hi Shivangi,

          Well, that seems quite complex.

          Maybe you should find some professional help.

          I mean, it would a shame throw your talents away like that, wouldn’t it?


          1. Yes I do think that.
            But I m not sure again as u see.

            I mean ….. Do u think I have a psychological problem??

          2. Well, you said yourself that there’s some unknown problem. Maybe a therapist could help uncover it.

            It’s no shame to have a psychological issue. I have about 435. 😉

        2. Hi…I,m 16 years old and I have the same problem…It’s awful that I have a lot of abilities and can’t do my best…pls if you solve your problem,tell me how?!!! I’m tierd of everything…

  23. Thanks! I’m surely gonna follow it from today.
    And I hope I get good results in my exam………

  24. Thanks a lot Noel! You obviously put an amazing amount of effort into this page without reward, and I want to give you my thanks. All of these methods worked for me, and I am even impressed with what I can do.

  25. First of all I’ll thank you a bunch for your great advice 🙂
    Noel all of your points were tried by me but the most effective one was”Limit your session length” and “Reward inner child” .
    Those were great and I could concentrate a lot in english and look I typed this comment ;maybe it’s not proper yet ,maybe there are still many grammatical errors but I keep on trying and maybe someday I’ll be able to speak english just like it should be spoken. :))

    1. Thanks, shatakshi,

      Great to hear it’s been helpful to you.

      About your written comment: Yes, you will. You just have to keep at it. And sometimes we need tricks like the ones above to accomplish that.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  26. I agree with you at all points but i am so disturbed about my marks that i donot feel like studying. what really should i do?

    1. Well, that’s more a case of procrastination due to fear of failure.

      Just Google ´fear of failure and procrastination´ and you should find plenty of articles that can help you beat it.

  27. I totally agree with ur all points.. And I have also got some amazing tips but I just want to ask a question..
    After 2 days my internal exams will start and after 1 month my final exams will be there..my internal exams are also important.
    Now what should I study for?? For internals or finals????

  28. Can’t say I haven’t been often bombarded with negative feelings that have genuinely worked at hindering the kind of mindset I need to keep up with my studies. Great advice on that one, really helped.

  29. Thank you so much for this article. This helped me a lot. I’ll definitely apply these ways to my studying as i am having my board exams after few weeks. :’) Hope this works!

  30. I donno ….I just cannot study chem.. But some how need to pass n day after is my exam

  31. can you tell me how to study other subjects like maths or physics espeshley maths

    plz give me some advices

  32. thanks a lot..for this suggestion.. but I have one problem..I just think to study after taking meal or anything else,,but when it comes to the the time I feel like “NO” after 2 hours..thus I just can’t manage my mind to seat for study.this is the only thing I lack..I think it’s my laziness or something like that.but somehow if I manage to seat for study then I can concentrate up to 2 /3 hours. that’s very nice that I can remember all those but my mind just din want to seat…pls help me how to control my mind .pls..after 2 months I have final exams..I really want to get good marks.and I can do everything to get it pls just show me the way

  33. hy m from pakistan doing FSC from punjab group of colleges ..After one week i m goona appear in board exams.. but i have’nt prepared yet .. i want to do something better but i cant feel like that i can do…….. i havent prepared even a chapter..and course is too much lengthy… what should i do.. can u guide me please

    1. To reduce your internal resistance, break the big task into small manageable tasks. Then start working on the first task.

      Besides, maybe your project is daunting because it’s not completely clear to you what tasks it consists of. Therefore, map it out first to get familiar with the job. Once it becomes clear, you usually find that it becomes way more doable.

  34. Im all clear..30 minutes study patterns quite good..I reward myself a friends episode..thanks man 🙂

  35. My exam is very near and I was absolutely done with studying, stressed to the point where I couldnt study more than 2-3 questions a day. This article really helped, even just reading it felt just nice. Thanks for taking your time to post this Im sure it helped other people as well!

  36. I am an average student,I feel lazy n tired to study the whole year but I get charged up before my exams and do a lot of things in a little amount of time.I am very lazy hate hard work and studying… What should I do?

    1. Hello, Robin Mustanger!
      Although I am not the creator of this article, I have some suggestions that will maybe allow you to work a little better on your time management.
      You could revise your work for half an hour every day on what your teacher has taught you in school so that you understand better and you can revise a little faster when it comes to revising your examinations a little better.
      You can also search the web on how to answer questions properly if you have subjects such as Language, Science, Biology and those that require you to answer in sentences.
      Tell yourself that you CAN and you WILL do it in every examination you encounter. Take little breaks occasionally and I trust you can do well.
      Good luck in your upcoming examinations!
      (Advice Ally)

  37. Hello sir
    I am a student n have exam in july..if i will clear that exam I will come very near to my goal..I gave outstanding performance throughout my session of classes..but when it is actually very important to show it ..m not able to do it..n don’t even feel like studying for an hour n competitive exams more or less require studying day n night. .sir this is very important exam which I have to crack any how..but something is going wrong n I am not able to sort it out..I genuinely need ur guidance sir..Please help me out..I expect your reply as soon as possible

    1. Hello, surbhi tiwari,
      Although I am not the creator, I think I have some advice that will let you improve a little.
      You could start of by revising for about 45 minutes to an hour every normal day after school so you can understand the topic a little better when it comes to revising for the examinations itself. You won’t feel as restless then and maybe you can then revise faster.
      You could take some breaks here and there. For example, study for an hour and take a short thirty minute break between them and continue on? It helped me and I think it will help you too.
      Also, since you have outstanding classwork, I suggest you imagine it as just a normal classwork. Maybe you are way too nervous for examinations. Don’t worry! Take deep breaths and tell yourself that you CAN and you WILL do it. Have your parents promised you a reward to do well in your examinations? If so, think of that and how you want it so much. Maybe it is a puppy or a brand new mobile phone? Think that if you do well, you can get that item! If you do not get a reward, don’t worry! Keep your phone or anything you love away from you and tell yourself that you do not get to play with it if you do not get good marks or finish studying.
      I know that it is already the first of August but this may help you in your upcoming exams.
      I hope my advice has helped and may you fare well in your upcoming examinations, remember to revise regularly and don’t be nervous! You can do it!
      (Advice Ally)

  38. This is really helpful! I have scored lots of A*’s, A’s and B’s when I was really just a C’s and D’s student. In fact, my teachers even think that I’m cheating! You see, these tips makes studying a lot more fun and exciting because of the breaks in between and it really helps motivate others. It’s literally magic! I look forward to more tips that helps me in my studies. Great job in making these. I will most definitely recommend this to everyone who seeks to improve. I will also share this to my friends. Love this!

  39. I don’t like college but I want to study more….
    This is my 3rd college….first of all I had joined engineering college…

    But now also joined an engineering college…i don’t like this college…..

  40. I love the way you explained the method to study but can you help me to study mathemetics if I take break after 30 min then I can only solve 10 questions in one day one my 1 question takes more than 45 minutes.

  41. thank you so much sir for sharing your thought. i have problem with 3 things that always remain in my mind and some time hearts very badly due to i can not concentrate on my study. but after this i will try to flush painfull feeling. thank you so much once again..

  42. i dont know what had happened to me..i m tired from studying.i have no tutons no classess nothing ,i have to do self study but whenever i start studying i feel to sleep by inside i feel so alone,no one cares actually whether i m dead or alive, my life is going on in a bulshit way.i m not even successful .i want to move ahead i want to be successful but there is no zeal no passion no courage what to do..?

    1. Get your ass up (no offence) and find someone or something that motivates you. It can be a game or some food or a guy. But make sure you find it and work with it

      1. I always study but I don’t understand the concepts. I can study for 1 hour and in the next 30 minutes am blank.

  43. I’m studying for a chinese test for tomorrow AND I CAN’T ANYMOREEEEEE IT’S TOO HARDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I can’t study
    I m in college f.y.bcom 1st year
    my mind is totally in money
    so how can I ignore to think about money & get back to study

  45. i read your Article bout a year ago. .and here I m to let you know how it worked out.
    Every technique that u talked bout here was and is so highly effective.. its indescribable if thatz a word.. sooo m glad internet had me stumble upon u. It works perfectly, with great results. increases both- the efficiency and productivity! Thank you.

  46. Thank for nice post, I believe taking small brakes during studies is very helpful. Also avoid multitasking as it will drain most of energy and will not allow to focus on studying

  47. I dont like to study anymore cause by those negative things happened in my life but I have to, so I’m trying to find way to make me do things that i should do, It’s like I’m so boring in my life, all i want is to sleep.

  48. Heyy! From so many days I was having this problem. Your article helped me a lot. I changed my place of studying and started studying for a short interval of time. Thanks a lot!!

  49. Sir my problem is that – Till 10 i was one of the brilliant student of my school but soon after coming in 11 and then 12 i have lost my confidence . I no longer think that i m capable of getting good marks. i really do study hard but results never come to my side. so what should i do to overcome my nervousness ???? i m really tensed …coz my finals are too coming…
    plz reply soon

  50. How To Study More In Less Time
    • Create an outline. Create an outline of the course material using your notes and your textbook.
    • Use flashcards.
    • Use mnemonic devices.
    • Rewrite your notes.
    • Take practice exams.
    • Create a game.
    • Read more at: https://essaypeer.com

  51. my computer always attracting me to use it what do i do 2 months left of my 1st exam in class X.

  52. Great article, found it when I was frustrated only after 15mins of studying biology and not a new language!

  53. Hello, I’m an Indian girl. I am now in class 11. I have tried almost everything before. But whenever I sit for study i get distracted. I was a brilliant student and class topper till class 10. But now a days I can’t concentrate in my lessons. I feel bored with everything. I have tried to motivate myself in almost every way . Even i have deleted facebook whatsapp Instagram and everything from my phone (few months ago I have had these all and I thought they are the cause of my distraction. So i deleted). But after doing so much things also I can’t concentrate . I am now addicted in youtube . I see motivational vedio regularly . Bug nothing works. I sit for study with great excitement . With all the books of the subject or topic i am going to read . But after maximum 20 minutes i don’t find interest anymore. I want to use my phone. For this i have scolded several times by my parents. I basically sit for study at 8 pm as I can’t wake up early in the morning. So after few minutes i fell sleepy. But I did not had these problems till class 10. I have my annual exam from 15 march. But I am not prepared at all. When i See my friends are prepared well than me i fill depressed as once I was better than them. I waste the whole day in doing different useless things . I can understand that I am wasting my time but I can’t control myself. Thus i have wasted 7 to 8 months . But till now I have found no sollution. I can’t share these with anyone even with my parents as they think these all are my excuses for not to study. Sometimes I also feel so . Plz help me to come out from this situation . I have my board exam in 2018 and that year I have my medical entrance exam. I want to crack those exams . But i have left with a very few time and even i can’t use them properly. Plz help. Sorry for bad grammer.

  54. Hello sir,
    I’m from india. I try to study continuosly for 2 hours, but in vain. I have no problem regarding maths science and social studies, but i am a bit concious about languages as they are pretty difficult to understand. Alao, when i try to go tthrough them, i lose concentration after 30 minutes. Even if i take break, i dont know how the time passes away. The break of ten minutes becomes 2 hours. What should I do????????

  55. I wrote these tips briefly and set that as my iPhone wallpaper so that I am reminded of them every time I use my iPhone.
    I read this article today otherwise I would have experimented these tips way back on myself.
    I can’t really say about their ability to make one achieve better as I haven’t tried them. But I cross my fingers for the same !!

    Thanks Noel !

  56. Im a junior college student and I study engineering and computer science. I was born in China and studying in US has been a great honor to my family. However, since I was very young I had this reluctance to work and study. A typical weekend for a 10-year-old me would be helplessly crying on the floor and not doing work, while waited until the last minute on Sunday when I could not stand it no more and finished the work in the end. It has been a trouble for me for a while, cause procrastination did not let me enjoy the good time that a great weekend could have given me. Middle high and high schools were more laid back, as the works began to be repetitive and simple so I could keep up the good work without procrastination. Id say its just because the homeworks arent hard enough. My junior high math teacher once said: “Your just using up your talent without taking the initiative to learn new stuffs, if you keep this attitude one day you would regret it”
    Yeah I guess my junior high teacher was finally right. Things changed when I got in college, the culture are different, lifestyle is new, and friends are more sophisticated. But most importantly, the difficulty level and the pace of the courses are extremely hard and fast. They are no longer the similar materials that I had been studying in the high school. Now the procrastination kicked in again. I knew I should keep up a nice schedule to prepare for exams before hand. but they came in such frequent pace and with so many new materials. For some subjects that Im not interested in, I could not study even two days in advance. Although sometimes I could review for only couple of hours the day before the exam to earn a decent grade, but to other uninteresting, unpractical subjects, I couldnt get good grades. The more serious problem is that, procrastination has become a habit for me, and Im a person who likes comparing myself with my friends. As a result, I felt a little upset sometimes, seeing myself a talented person who never actually achieves in anything (not even an intern offer as a junior).
    I decided to read books, bring in new information. But their effects are short-lived, I could only keep up a good working attitude for one semester at most ( the last time I was not procrastinating was last month, when I kept a good schedule for three weeks). And when Im at a point that I feel like I couldnt keep working for any longer, these good attitude could be gone in one second. In one second I could return to the procrastinated person.
    Now I have an exam in two days, three weeks before I told myself that this week would be the toughest and I should prepare for it, I designed a very nice schedule but it turned out the exam is in two days and I could not start study for it. Just because I dont feel like it, I dont like the subject and the material looks boring.

    What should I do to have a long lasting procrastination-free good working attitude?

    1. Well, I think if it’s so ingrained in your personality, maybe you should try professional help for it.

      Were you spoiled as a kid?

      I guess you gotta lose the “if it’s not fun, I can’t do it” mentality. Usually when you start to do the task it isn’t as daunting as it seemed.

      1. Thanks for your patient Noel, Cant tell if I was spoiled, depends on the standard you define “spoiled”, but one thing Im certain is that my parents dont have much time to be with me in my childhood, and they did not spend too much time on helping my study too.

        I agree with your comment, though probably in a short period I wouldnt reach out for professional help though. My problem does not make my normal life suffer, but it stops me from being more outstanding, like other kids.

        I really should work on the “not fun -> cant do it ” mentality, cause I believe in the future when I have to face my job I need a different work attitude.

        really appreciate it Noel, I came across this site so randomly and its so nice to find out you have been kept replying since four years ago. Seeing so many people having the same issue as mine made me relieved in some way. Now I have faith that this is not something that I couldnt never fix.

        Big thanks!

        1. You’re welcome.

          Well, if you’re still at a young age (25 or less), you shouldn’t worry at all.

          I used to have those same problems, but I’m alright now.

          They say that a male brain keeps developing up to 25 years of age. So, it’s perfectly capable you’ll find the skills you’re looking for later in life. Just don’t put too many inflexible labels on yourself.

  57. I’m Deeksha I’m Indian I’m preparing for neet 2017 which is to be conducted on 7 May I have hit shoots plans I have lot lot motivation I had already talked to many counselors and even my parents tried their best TO understand me an d many times I am sad they help me out by giving examples but for my problem I didn’t find solution on net ever after so much surfing I want to change my situation my present state as fast as possible it may be even 1 day also I don’t know what had happened to me I’m not studying at all even I m so close to my exam then too I’m not studying from past one year on routine basis last I studied badly (badly means giving 120% ) on 6 August 2015 and then on 29 December 2016 and then on actually on day more but I don’t remember the date and let me tell you these were ordinary days not special
    I know I have capacity I can work harder than ever before but I don’t know what is missing
    Please don’t tell about this message to anyone you are my last hope then I am going to tell everything to mom and dad that I am able to study at all And actually it is very very difficult and wrong they do for u so much and you re not studying hope you understand what I mean to say I trust you answer as fast as possible………

  58. Very helpful article! I had a test coming up, so I needed to study. But heck I didn’t want to study. That test subject is SO BORING TO ME!!! I tried. I picked up my books and flipped through the pages. Doing good… but then it would hit me: What’s coming up this weekend? I’m bored. I’m hungry. Ooh, we have ice cream! I’ll get some ice cream and then I’ll go back to study…
    Nope. Never came back. Just went upstairs to watch TV. And eat the ice cream.
    I wake up the next day and have this horrible feeling in my stomach (not a illness). When I get back from class, it’s still there. I knew exactly what it was: The feeling when you didn’t study.
    I realized this was becoming a slight (Not at all. HUGE) problem.
    So I went online and found your article. I read it and tried your solutions. I printed out basic information for the test and walked in circles around different rooms reading them. And guess what? I ACED that test! Not a single problem wrong! So studying really does pay off.
    Thanks to your article, I’m not afraid of any test! I got this!

  59. Thanks! Helped alot! Could you please make that you don’t have to scroll all the way down the trough all the comments before you can post your own comment cause it took me really long. But very nice article!😄👍🏻

    1. Haha, thanks, Hidde.

      If you’re on a desktop computer you just click the end button on the keyboard.

      On mobile I don’t know how to instantly scroll down to the bottom but I’ll look into it.


  60. I want to study hard starting i am very exiceted but in claas some teacher scold me however i scolded i want to become a brilliant student but after few days i dislike studies because i think i am a slow learner what can i do to become brillant student i was in deprresion my new session is start but why i m deppressed i dont know i see 2 girls are very brillant what can they do i dont know how they become brillant i also want to become brillant i dont find any solution pls tell me in which way i study how much i study which time is suitable for me pls contact me pls

  61. sometimes i feel like shit i feel like giving up plus everything around me is negative from friends i study with to my family. I have tried some of these techniques but no change or result has been reached. if any one knows some effective technique to help me cope with this, please share it with us that would be really great.

  62. i really feel like to start my studies and should stop just thinking about why im nt studying i hope this helps for me

  63. Hii ..i m a English honours student final 1st year …i hv wasted all month ..now i hv only 1month ..i can’t study at all … All my friends hv completed syllabus ..i don’t know what to do ..i wanna die ..i can’t remember big notes ..it’s to difficult ..i don’t know ..i can’t it’s too torturing …i will die

  64. Thank you for your article but i always have confusion….. for future still
    I am student of journalism graduation 2 year but I don’t know what to do in future I am always confuse and frustrated with my life i never satisfy with my work
    What can I do

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