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How to Embed Foreign Language into Your Daily Routine


Being a multilingual person has many benefits.

For example, you can find a better-paying job, go abroad to study, and enjoy exploring a culture different from your own.

However, for many people learning a new language seems like an impossible task to accomplish, so they give up before even trying.

“Words, punctuation, grammar… This is very overwhelming. Forget it, I don’t really have time to do all that” – this is a typical answer one uses to get out from learning.

Agree, all of us lack time to accomplish even smaller tasks, let alone master a foreign language. But what if you could incorporate learning into a daily routine? This way, you still get to do everything you need and also gain knowledge of a language.

Sounds interesting? It’s certainly possible and you can do it, easily. Let’s see how.

Notice What Is Surrounding You

Chinese? Swedish? Portuguese? Regardless of what language you’ve chosen to learn, your surroundings can be great assistants during this journey. For example, have a look around. What do you see? A computer, a window, a tree behind the window, some people walking on the street… Well, how do you say all these words in your target language?

Go to an online dictionary and find out. In the end, you’ll create an entire list of words that you could learn the next day. Or you can make some flashcards, as proposed in Smart Language Learner’s 25 minute sessions. Using this technique, you could learn up to 50 words in about 100 minutes!

After a month, the number of words you know will increase in several times!

Use the Media

Media could be one of your best friends when it comes to learning a foreign language. It makes the experience richer and more fun with videos, articles, online chat with native speakers, you name it.

You probably watch movies and read books very often. Why not incorporate learning in this routine? Just download some media in the target language and use it every day. You’ll see that this technique is way cooler than boring exercises.

I should also tell you that you could advance the process of learning by taking a smart approach to media. For example, you could download the subtitles to your favorite movie in the target language because you’re already familiar with the plot. Or watch it both with subtitles and original sound track.

For example, if you were learning English as a second language, wouldn’t you just love to hear actual Jim Carrey’s funny dialogs and that “Chick Chicky Boom Chick Chicky Boom” song? Just think of what people in other countries are missing… It certainly doesn’t sound the same in translation, that’s for sure.

Find a Friend with The Same Interest

Have you ever heard about a technique to quit smoking that involves finding a person who wants to do that too? Apparently, having someone with the same purpose increases accountability and eventual outcome. Moreover, the two could support each other and help to push that harmful habit out of their lives.

Instead of pushing out, a person who wants to learn the same language you do could help to motivate you and keep you in check. Both of you want to achieve the same outcome, so why don’t partner up?

It doesn’t matter if that person is a beginner or a native speaker of the target language. The important thing is that a language learning partner brings motivation and accountability. Moreover, you will always have someone to practice conversational skills with.

Have Some Fun with It

Language learning without fun is not effective because it creates an immense pressure. Eventually, one could lose interest and never return to learning. In contrast, a positive approach to mastering a foreign language makes it easier.

There are many ways in which it can be achieved, according to a popular resource PicktheBrain. One of the most unusual ones is “shower conversations” proposed by a polyglot Sid Efromovich.

It means exactly what you think. Just by talking to yourself in the shower, you can identify barriers in your level and make mistakes without being judged.

You can also search for fun and interesting information about the target language of country. For example, if you were learning Italian, it could check out YouTube videos like this one about Fun Facts about Italian History, Traditions, and Cuisine.

For example, I didn’t know that Ferrari was one of the most popular Italian surnames and it was the Italian equivalent of Smith!

Try to connect your interests to language learning to make it fun, too. For example, if you like cooking, you could see this hilarious video about foods that should never be served to Italians.

Or just… stop taking yourself so seriously, it might be sucking the joy out! Have fun!

Jump In The Learning

You know what they say, one can’t learn how to swim unless one jump in the water. Yes, it might be a little bit overwhelming and uncomfortable at first but the benefits of “jumping” will certainly outweigh risks.

The same technique is effective when it comes to language learning. You need to achieve a full immersion into the learning experience by reading, writing, watching TV, and writing predominantly in the target language.

To make sure that your writing is correct, you can refer to your learning buddy or the Internet for the best essay tips. Reading resources in various languages can also be found the net, easily.

Use Technology

There are so many ways in which technology can help you to achieve your goal of learning a foreign language. From setting your phone to the target language or using online apps and games, you can start taking advantage of it right away without significant effort.

Mobile apps and games are another great way to go. A wide variety of them is waiting for you to use them out there, including Duolingo, HelloTalk, Mindsnacks, Busuu, and Babbel.

The best part about having technology at your disposal is that it allows to learn anywhere: in the office, a bus, lying in bed, during a break, and so on.

Not only it will fill your usual “time wasting” times but also help you to accelerate the learning process.


As you can see, learning a foreign language can be embedded into your daily routine in various ways. Feel free to incorporate some of the ways described in this article and always remember to have fun. It’s super easy to lose interest because the whole thing is difficult.

However, when you overcome that and focus on what you’re doing, the rewards would be amazing!

Lucy Benton is high skilled editor, writing coach who currently works at Admission service, she enjoys sharing tips and stories. She studied Creative and Professional Writing at the Maharishi University of Management. If you’re interested in working with Lucy, you can find her on FaceBook.


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