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The Come-to-Me vs the Go-Get-It Mentality


If you want to get fluent in a new language:

You’ll have to go get Fluency, it won’t come to you by itself.

Too many people are sleepwalking their way through language learning.

They have too much of a Come-To-Me mentality, instead of the superior Go-Get-It mentality.

With the Come-To-Me mentality, you can do a lot of language learning without making strides.

You’re busy, but not really advancing.

You’re there, but then again, not really.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger

To achieve anything in life you must have a good dose of the Go-Get-It mentality.

You must make it happen, it won’t come to you by itself.

While it’s probably not possible to always be on the edge — and maybe not even desirable — many people go about their language learning predominantly in a Come-To-Me state of mind.

And this is holding them back. They need more of the Go-Get-It mentality.

And it’s not just them….

I’m often guilty of passing through my language learning with too much of the Come-To-Me mentality as well.

If I’m lucky, I catch myself on time, and can change my mindset.

But I haven’t always been able to do that.

In my first attempts to learn another language, I expected the course materials to teach me German without much effort on my part.

I failed, of course, and blamed the course material. (Easy, right?)

Truth is, there isn’t an App or language course that will do the effort for you.

It’s all great that they have excellent content and learning methods. But you have to extract them, you have to go and get them, so to speak.

Booze Up Your Language Learning

So the trick is to get more aggressive in your language learning.

Inject a little spirit into it. (Not liquor — mind you — but energy, heart, character!)

That way, you can achieve a dramatic increase in learning efficiency.

Your learning sessions will be more productive. They’ll be tough, but you’ll be making the most of your time.

You’ll be on your way to get fluency, instead of it coming to you.


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