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Noel van Vliet

Noel is the founder of Smart Language Learner. When he isn't learning languages or writing about it, you can find him enjoying the good life of Costa Rica, where he lives with his wife and 4 children.

The Worst Thought a Language Learner Can Have

When learning a new language many negative thoughts can plague you.

But one stands out as probably the most destructive thought a language learner can have.

Think it enough, and it could be curtains for your language dreams.

What thought it is?

Do You Really Hate to Study?

The word studying has gotten a bad reputation in the last few years.

Mention the word and you see people cringe in agony.

To study is to die a long painful death due to immense boredom.

Language bloggers who dare to use the word, risk the chance of being called old fashioned and outdated.

We no longer study a language, we learn it instead.

Long-Term Results of Vocab Wars #3: Smart Flashcards

There are flashcards…..and then there are Smart Flashcards.

Smart Flashcards follow the idea that it’s easier to remember something if we couple it with something very familiar to us.

So instead of just having a word or a sentence on a card, with Smart Flashcards you want to use a sentence with things or facts close to home.

6 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

If you are not already learning a foreign language, you should start right away!

Why may you wonder?

Well, let’s just mention a few benefits such as:

a better traveling experience, a better brain, a better social life, a better pay, better grades, a better job and a better life in general.

Yes, learning a second language makes everything better.

Long-Term Results of Vocab Wars #2: Writing Sentences with Foreign Words

Ever since I started its sessions, I’ve been very eager to find out the long-term results of Vocab Wars #2.

The method of choice in Vocab Wars #2 was writing sentences with foreign words. And with writing I mean writing … with pen and paper.

And today — just as I’m about to start the learning sessions for Vocab Wars #4 — it’s time to reveal these long-term results.

How to Embed Foreign Language into Your Daily Routine

Being a multilingual person has many benefits.

For example, you can find a better-paying job, go abroad to study, and enjoy exploring a culture different from your own.

However, for many people learning a new language seems like an impossible task to accomplish, so they give up before even trying.