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Language Learning Gets Personal

11 Questions for Kerstin Hammes : Language Learning Gets Personal #6

“My entire life could not be possible if it wasn’t for other languages.”

Time for the 6th installment of Language Learning Gets Personal!

Today we have the charming and encouraging language teacher and blogger Kerstin Cable(*).

She is German but if you listen to her, one thing immediately stands out: her excellent English accent, testimony of her extensive knowledge of language learning and the efforts she’s made to get to where she is now.

11 Questions For Susanna Zaraysky : Language Learning Gets Personal #5

“Most of my job opportunities have manifested because I could speak the language the employer needed. I got jobs for which I was under-qualified but I was the only applicant who could speak the language!”

Welcome to the fifth installment of Language Learning Gets Personal.

This time we have one of the most respected and famous polyglots in Susanna Zaraysky.

11 Questions For Camille Chevalier-Karfis : Language Learning Gets Personal #4

“A student of mine had missed his class. I wanted to say: “would you like to make up for the lesson”. Instead I said: “would you like to make out for the lesson”. He answered with a smile: “Camille, you should charge much more”… I understood my mistake and we both burst out in laughing.”

Time for another edition of Language Learning Gets Personal!

11 Questions For Jared Romey : Language Learning Gets Personal #3

“I did a little simple math and found that the 20 most widely spoken languages cover about 53% of the world’s population. In other words, if I could speak those 20 languages I could communicate with half the world.”

Welcome to the third edition of Language Learning Gets Personal. This time with Jared Romey from Speaking Latino.

11 Questions for Randy Hunt : Language Learning Gets Personal #2

In this edition we have no one less than the Yearlyglot: Randy Hunt!

In many ways, Randy is the perfect fit for Language Learning Gets Personal.

On his blog, he doesn’t just talk about Language learning but also about the effects of learning new languages on his personal life. To top it all off: Randy is never shy to give his opinion.