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FluentU Review: Language Immersion App Put to the Test

Make sure you read all the way to the end because FluentU and Smart Language Learner give away a 3-month FluentU subscription!

Some people think all languages should be learned through real world materials.

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to do.

Things can get messy…

Luckily, there’s a website that can help you.

Yabla Review: I Spent 31 Hours with Yabla – Here Are My Thoughts

Yabla is a language immersion tool that helps you learn a new language through videos.

It’s a fun way for intermediate and advanced learners to improve their skills in their target language. It’s especially good for boosting your listening skills.

You don’t just watch the videos, but you also learn from them by playing games that feature the videos’ content.

7 Best Apps and Resources to Learn French

Are you looking for the best apps to learn French? We’ve got you covered!

Learning a new language is a journey. It takes you to a whole different world that you have never experienced before. Learning French, for example, will take you to the francophone world. The good news is that there are now tools and resources that make learning French easier than ever.

This article will go through the seven best apps and online resources you can use to learn French.

magnetic memory method logo

Magnetic Memory Method Review for Language Learners + Case Study

Years ago…

2014 to be exact…

I gave the Magnetic Memory Method a test run.

I used the method to try to learn 127 new Spanish words.

I then tested myself and the results were surprising.

This post is a recap of my case study. At the end of this post, I’ll share if my initial positive conclusions still hold up more than six years later.

Glossika Review: An App for Serious Language Learners


It is almost impossible to find a language learning app today that does not put it at the forefront of the learning process.

Gamification can certainly help when it comes to motivation, but it also disguises what the real reward of learning a language is.

The real reward is not a stupid looking hat for your childish avatar, or collecting coins that ultimately prove useless.