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9 Ways to Accelerate Your Language Learning Progress

So you’re learning a new language?

Smart move…

There are numerous ways that learning a new language can benefit you. From helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease to amazing intercultural experiences.

The world we live in today demands quick results, so you’re going to want to learn a new language fast.

But let’s be real here – it takes a lot of time, effort and practice to become fluent in another language.

Still, there are some methods you can use to accelerate the process.


Which Languages Will Help You Boost Your Career in 2019 and Beyond?

Psycholinguist Frank Smith once famously said:

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

This quote remains true even today. And within a competitive and globalised business environment, it couldn’t be more relevant.

Companies and business owners are increasingly fond of polyglots who add great, direct value to their businesses.

In this article, you will find languages ​​which already do, or will in the near future, play a vital role on the international business & trading scene.

9 Language Learning Apps You Never Even Considered

Duolingo, Babbel, Memrise – there are almost as many language learning apps out there as there are languages themselves.

However, these slick applications aren’t the only way to learn a language with your mobile phone. There are dozens of non-language learning applications which can help you learn your target language as well as assimilate the culture of its native speakers.

This article is a list of nine of my favorites – some of which you’ve definitely never heard of.

Do It for Love: Learning Your Partner’s Native Language

They say love is blind, and for sure it often ignores distance.

You travel abroad, you live in a different country, or maybe you don’t actually move from the city where you’re born. No matter how you meet them before you know you’re in love with someone from another country.

In the beginning, all is sparks and fast heartbeats:

Then comes a time for reality.